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How to Map Keys in Avid Media Composer

Any editor worth his salt uses the keyboard like a maniac when editing in Avid Media Composer. Clicking buttons and choosing menu items will blow so much time that your creativity will be crushed as you sweat to make deadlines. Here’s how you can easily map functions and menu items like Match Frame and Find […]

How to Setup a Freshwater Fish Tank: Part 3

Beautiful. So your aquarium is setup. You've got live plants (hopefully) and you understand the nitrogen cycle and have mechanical, chemical and bio filtration in place. Now you're ready for the fish!

How to Setup a Freshwater Fish Tank: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 where we dive deeper into filtration and water quality! You’ve gotta get this right as there’s nothing worse than bringing a fish home from the store, only to see it die because your water quality isn’t right. There are three types of filtration: Chemical, Mechanical and Biological Filtration Let’s first talk […]

Install Redis Server on Debian & Configure WordPress to Use It

Do you have WordPress sites that need to move faster? Maybe you've already got a good page caching plugin, but the admin is slow? Redis Server is the answer!

How to Setup a Freshwater Fish Tank: Part 1

Few things are more fun than a planted fish tank. But there are things to know including cycling, type of substrate, light, filter and more. Don't worry, I cover what you need to know!