SEO : The Complete Scoop

SEO : The Complete Scoop

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on December 31, 2018

Ever wonder how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

People want to get to page one of Google search, so they spend big bucks paying companies to do SEO on their websites.

How do I know? Because I used to work for an online marketing company for HVAC dealers. Every week we were creating/updating content on HVAC sites to help them rank for searches like “AC repair.”

I’ve personally put many sites on page one for killer search terms. One website even climbed to page one for “Hollywood Editor” which made me extremely proud.

Anyone can do SEO. It isn’t rocket science.

You can do SEO for your own website if you want to put in the time. It isn’t rocket science. But there are things to know.

The good news? I’ve created a video (view below) that will walk you through the granular details of common SEO tasks.

Are you ready to be on page one?

“Fasten your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye.”

This training is shared from Outer Gain University. Outer Gain is website marketing company I co-founded. We provide highly customizable websites, online training and support to help you sell beyond your reach! Visit to learn more!

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Kyler Boudreau

Kyler experiences life with his wife Sandi and his daughter Journey. He is an independent filmmaker ( and designed a CRM for network marketers (

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