How to Customize BuddyBoss Theme – Add A Blank Page

Like most modern site configurations I have a main url, and then a client dashboard/community at a ‘my’ sub domain. The sub domain site is where BuddyBoss lives. It’s also where I collect enrollments for the school.

How to Migrate WordPress Sites Without Plugins

WordPress migration plugins don’t always work. There’s no explanation. It’s not predictable. The good news? It’s EASY to migrate WordPress sites without using plugins.

Which Film School Should You Go To?

If you’re like me, you’re a little crazy about movies. Your friends know you as that person who can’t stop talking about them. Quoting them. Pondering them. You watch some films over and over again.

iPhone 4K | Moment Anamorphic | Avid Media Composer

Shooting 4K with a 2.36:1 aspect ratio on your iPhone with the Moment Anamorphic lens? This step by step guide shows you how to correctly transfer footage and edit with Avid Media Composer!

Patagonia Yulex vs Simms Wading Socks

When you’re addicted to wet wading like I am, you definitely need incredible boots and socks. To date, Simms has supplied me with both. But I decided to give the Patagonia Yulex a chance to compete.

Are Short Films Worth It?

I used to think short films were a waste of time. Feature-length IMDb credits was the ticket. But after writing and directing Rose and the Outlaw, I realized my view wasn’t quite inaccurate.

How to Install Linux Malware Detect on Debian

Malware on a server makes for a very bad day. The good news is that with Linux Malware Detect (LMD) and ClamAV you can avoid such headaches with not that much work!

Story Structure

Did you know that every film you’ve ever loved follows story structure? From Die Hard to Jurassic Park, and everything in between.

How to Map Keys in Avid Media Composer

Any editor worth his salt uses the keyboard like a maniac when editing in Avid Media Composer. Clicking buttons and choosing menu items will blow so much time that your creativity will be crushed as you sweat to make deadlines. Learn how to map commands like Match Frame and Find Bin to save tons of time!

Torin 4.5 vs 4 Running Shoe

If you’re on the fence about the 4.5, my advice is to get them. And give yourself a hand full of runs to make a decision. I think the shoe has a more streamlined feel, and I like them better than the Torin 4’s!

How to use AOS with WordPress

You’ve gotta admit, websites that correctly use animation as you scroll down the page just feel pro. Well guess what? You can add this to your WordPress theme a lot easier than you might think — It’s called AOS (Animate on Scroll).

Getting Started with Gridpane

Decided it was time to engage a control panel, and went with Gridpane due to their excellent support and feature sets. In this article I take you from start to finish.

Politically Correct: A Harsh Revolution

Do you ever read about the French Revolution? Details about rapid judgements and public execution to the sound of a jeering mob? It’s chilling. Sobering. And it’s happening today in a social form.

Setup LEMP on Debian 10 (Buster) with NFTables

Debian 10, code-named Debian Buster, is now available! This guide will take you from a fresh install of Buster through LEMP, NFTables and SSL configuration!

What is the Best Balance Bike? Woom 2 Bicycle Review

Our daughter hit 4 and it was time for a balance bike. Reviews led us to WOOM and we couldn’t be happier! The WOOM 2 is a normal bike and balance bike combined. You get quality and features not found in the competition.

The Best Organic Mattress

If you’re done with sleeping on chemicals, this post is for you! Organic rubber latex mattresses offer exceptional pressure point relief, are a safer night’s sleep over memory foam.

Kentucky’s Hatchery Creek

Kentucky has created a man-made trout stream that contains wild trout. Let that sink in for a second. If you live near southern Kentucky and haven’t tried Hatchery Creek, you don’t know what you’re missing!

What’s Hollywood Like (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the What is Hollywood Like series! Here I want to give you a snapshot of my ongoing experience in the entertainment industry. It’s both AMAZING and at times a bit of a sweatshop, with not a lot in between.

What’s Hollywood Like? (Part 1)

Thinking about moving to Hollywood? I’ve lived from the valley to oceanside. Read my post to get an idea of the lay of the land. My favorite place to live? Santa Monica by far.

Torin 4 vs Torin Escalante

Altra just introduced the Torin 4. I really think it’s their best Torin yet! Incredible shoe. Here I compare them to my Escalante 1.5 as I’d made the switch to Escalante when the Torin 3.x models didn’t catch my attention.

Why Network Marketing is Incredible

If you haven’t tried network marketing, you probably have a family member or friend who has. It’s one of the fastest growing sales models in America. And if you’ve considered network marketing weird or slimy, it’s time to rethink.