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iPhone 4K | Moment Anamorphic | Avid Media Composer

Shooting 4K with a 2.36:1 aspect ratio on your iPhone with the Moment Anamorphic lens? This step by step guide shows you how to correctly transfer footage and edit with Avid Media Composer!

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Getting Started with Gridpane

I’ve used Linode VPS servers for a long time. They have been fast and reliable. But there’s been a problem: I can spin up Debian/Ubuntu servers, set them up and get sites going with no issue. But when it comes to detailed database tuning, firewall configuration or tech issues, I’m lacking. Decided it was time […]

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How to use AOS with WordPress

You've gotta admit, websites that correctly use animation as you scroll down the page just feel pro. Well guess what? You can add this to your WordPress with AOS (Animate on Scroll)!

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Install Redis Server on Debian & Configure WordPress to Use It

Do you have WordPress sites that need to move faster? Maybe you've already got a good page caching plugin, but the admin is slow? Redis Server is the answer!

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The Best Organic Latex Mattress

If you're done with sleeping on chemicals, this post is for you! Organic rubber latex mattresses offer exceptional pressure point relief, and a great night's sleep that is toxin free.

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