Setup LEMP on Debian 10 (Buster) with NFTables;

Setup LEMP on Debian 10 (Buster) with NFTables

You've just gotta love Debian. Reliable, easy and well supported. Debian 10, code-named Debian Buster is now available at some VPS and server hosting companies! This guide will take you from fresh install to LEMP, firewall and Let's Encrypt config!

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What is the Best Balance Bike? Woom 2 Bicycle Review;

What is the Best Balance Bike? Woom 2 Bicycle Review

Our daughter hit 4 and it was time for a balance bike. Reviews led us to WOOM and we couldn't be happier! The WOOM 2 is a normal bike and balance bike combined. You get quality and features not found in the competition.

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Torin 4 vs Torin Escalante;

Torin 4 vs Torin Escalante

Altra just introduced the Torin 4. I really think it's their best Torin yet! Incredible shoe. Here I compare them to my Escalante 1.5 as I'd made the switch to Escalante when the Torin 3.x models didn't catch my attention.

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Story Structure;

Story Structure

Did you know that every film you've ever loved follows story structure? From Die Hard to Jurassic Park, and everything in between.

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The Case for Network Marketing;

The Case for Network Marketing

If you haven’t tried network marketing, you probably have a family member or friend who has. It’s one of the fastest growing sales models in America. And if you’ve considered network marketing weird or slimy, it’s time to rethink.

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Politically Correct: A Harsh Revolution;

Politically Correct: A Harsh Revolution

Do you ever read about the French Revolution? Details about rapid judgements and public execution to the sound of a jeering mob? It's chilling. Sobering. And it's happening today in a social form.

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iPhone 4K | Moment Anamorphic | Avid Media Composer;

iPhone 4K | Moment Anamorphic | Avid Media Composer

As an editor in Hollywood, I’ve cut films shot on actual film. Now I have an iPhone X that can shoot 4K footage. It’s insane. Of course, 4K from a phone isn’t anything like 4K from a RED, but it’s way better than the cameras we were using in film school. The Basic Requirements of […]

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Kentucky’s Hatchery Creek;

Kentucky’s Hatchery Creek

The state of Kentucky isn’t really known for trout fishing. But they do have the Cumberland River which flows in the lower east section of the state, not far from the Tennessee line. This river has some massive trout along with torpedo sized stripers cruising the depths. I’m going to talk a little about access […]

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What’s Hollywood Like (Part 2);

What’s Hollywood Like (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the What is Hollywood Like series! Here I want to give you a snapshot of my ongoing experience in the entertainment industry. It’s both AMAZING and at times a bit of a sweatshop, with not a lot in between. First, let’s continue from What’s Hollywood Like Part 1 with geography… […]

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